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NCCA is a unique arts service agency focused on the vital relationship between creativity and the aging population – and is one of the few organizations partnered by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Providing a range of support services for the field and advocacy tools, as well as supporting research and quantitative studies on the elder population, NCCA is at the center of rapidly growing field. Having just reached its ten year mark, however, Creative Aging is at a critical juncture.

Emerging from its origins in academia, NCCA has tripled in size in just three years. It has become the go-to organization for such diverse partners as the NEA, MetLife, and the Veterans Administration to lead both initiatives and research. Requests for program development flood in from service providers. But can its small staff handle the increased workload, scope, and expectations? MVPA was brought on in Spring 2012 to help the organization strengthen its infrastructure and clarify long-range goals; to help NCCA decide what they want their future to look like. We are currently focusing on refining and strengthening the Center’s approach programming, developing a more effective marketing strategy, and diversifying and growing the organization’s financial resources.

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