Meeting the challenges of the changing arts world

The core work of any arts consulting firm is in serving the professional arts community, and that’s the world we live in. MVPA staff and our colleagues, without exception, bring to our projects decades of experience working professionally in the arts at the highest levels. We don’t just advise arts professionals, we are directors, designers, and managers ourselves.

Clients are always telling us that their old buildings obviously weren’t designed by anyone who really understood how the spaces and equipment would be used. They complain of inefficient operation, systems that are impossible to maintain, load-ins that take too many stagehands. The result of poor design isn’t just unpleasant, uncomfortable spaces- it is precious operating funds wasted.

Our job is to balance cost with benefit, to make sure that every client uses its resources as effectively as possible. That’s true of our design projects, and it’s true of our management consulting assignments as well.

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