Solving Problems,
Building Strategy

MVPA offers its management consulting clients more range and more depth of experience than any other firm of its kind?. So we specialize in tough problems: feasibility studies and economic impact assessment for complex projects, strategic planning in hard times, building organizations to be flexible and resilient.

We don’t just do studies. We advise on contract negotiations, financial control systems, staffing, programming, and ongoing capital planning. We‘re particularly proud of our client relationships that go back years. We help organizations evolve.

We work with all sorts of companies. Our clients include arts centers and museums, arts education and arts service organizations, government agencies and private developers.

Those clients come to us both because of our knowledge of the field and our skills. We’re noted for developing the best analytical methodologies in the business and for customized analysis that sets us apart. We focus on the big picture, but we’re all about details.

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