Form, Function + Drama

MVPA Design services focus on the performing arts. Whatever the task, if it’s related to performing arts buildings we do it. Auditoriums and stages, seating geometry, theatre technology, backstage support space, rehearsal and teaching spaces, lobbies and public spaces, accessibility and interior design. We work for owners and for architects, developers and development agencies. We advise construction managers and engineers. From troubleshooting to full-service design consulting, we can help.

We believe that buildings for the arts should be designed from the inside out. In performance spaces, that means beginning with the physical relationship between performer and audience, and allowing every other detail to develop from that relationship. That means first understanding what makes each arts organization, and the art it makes, unique.

The same principal applies to overall project planning. First we have to understand the needs our projects are meant to meet: artistically, aesthetically, functionally, and financially. Then we build project concepts and master plans through the development of the project program, refining approaches as we test them against operating logistics and budget. Only when we have a program that does the best possible job of meeting the client’s needs within the client’s constraints do we start to draw. The buildings we work on never lose sight of their purpose.

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